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About Ovim Pavilion Forum:

About Ovim Pavilion Forum:


This forum is intended to provide a platform for this site and all its guests and contributors to interact with one another for the benefit of all.

Please be kind enough to eschew the use of obscene or abusive words, terms and

symbols, when contributing to this forum. We shall greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Perhaps, it will serve as a useful guide to you to review the major reason for the establishment of the Ovim Pavilion site. Please, help us preserve our vision and mission.



About Ovim Pavilion:            


We are here to serve two communities – the local community and the global community – and, to create a beneficial relationship between both.

Our purpose is to spread, through this online platform, two essential tenets:

  • ‘Think locally and act globally’
  • ‘Think globally and act locally’.

Think locally, act globally and think globally, act locally will produce the same effect. Both will identify the threats, opportunities and vital innovations that will contribute to local and global development and success.

Think globally and act locally is the emerging tenet of ovimites. With concerted investment in education, the once remote (but popular) community is fast  transforming into a commercial and economic wonder.